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Miss Debbielyn Jackson a Ghanaian Radio/Tv personality popularly known on Radio as Daakye Hemaa    has described men who suck or lick their girlfriends breast as ‘fools’.

According to the Drive time host on Majesty Fm, she said “It is total foolishness to suck the breast of a woman you are not married to because do you know the number of men that also suck it at different occasions. But I will advise my fellow women not allow any man to suck their breast because it can lead to breast cancer because most of them don’t brush their teeth,” she added

Daakye Hemaa took her Tuesday edition of Drive timeto reveal this shocking news that dating is not a relationship because any lady who sleeps with his boyfriend is totally a prostitute and that is the fact because he is not married to you yet. “When it comes to marriage decisions, do not joke with it because marriage is not easy “Majesty Highway Drive Show “ is designed to motivate, inspire and encourage the Ghanaian Youth not to give up in life.

Daakye Hemaa is considered one of the major proponents for the Female Radio/Television personality’s arena and she is still chasing her career to become noted to the whole wide world. .
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Source : Frank Owusu Kojo Asiamah (FOKA)

Credit : FOKA Tv





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