Exactly 6Years Today Castro Got Missing Industry Players React; Should We Consider Him Dead?


It has remained a myth to comprehend the euforial surrounding Castro’s disappearance. Exactly six years today one of Ghana’s finest entertainer Castro Da Destroyer was reported missing on a trip with friends to Aqua Safari in Ada for holidays. Popular among who he went with is the famous and celebrated Blackstar’s midfielder Asamoah Gyan best known as Baby Jet. A day today news broke out that Castro had gone missing in the estuary of the Aqua Safari sea with one Janet Bandu.


According to Asamoah Gyan who was briefed on the occurrence;


‘they had all left the sea to play tennis in a court within the location leaving behind Castro and the said Janet Bandu.


Initially, Castro wanted to carry Janet on his Jet Ski but Baffour Gyan, Asamoah Gyan’s manager asked him to desist from the act since it was hazardous jet skiing with another at your back as a beginner which he listened however, while they left the place, they realize Castro carried the lady and had gone with her. The duration which the jet ski was hired elapsed so the keeper decided to check on them meanwhile on his return, he only came with the jet ski. Castro and Janet Bandu were not found’. Even though a thorough search was conducted after the news broke out, it proved futile.


The adjective ‘missing’ is used instead of ‘drown’ because his body hasn’t be found and it’s assumed he is missing. On the regular, his body should have been found after days of being drown by custom. In view of that it’s appropriate to say he is missing. Since 6th July, 2014 that the incident happened we are still hoping for his returns.




In memory of his disappearance, gate keepers have shared their opinions as to whether we should consider him dead or alive.


In as much as others are sympathizing his disappearance others thinks he is alive and are calling for his appearance.


Mr. Logic an entertainment critic thinks his burial arrangements should be scheduled, in that regard, he will appear if he is hidden as alleged.


Trolling shots; he said Castro has caused an emotional trauma to the people of Ghana and must be dealt with severely by the law if he should show up. His argument is based on the fact that people made allegations on countless occasions that they saw him in other countries among others. The fact that his money at his bank keeps decreasing and the belief that his body should have been found long ago if drown as reported.


Castro was wearing a live jacket which should have prevented him from drowning. The reason he is said to be on the ran is based on the fact that people think he has used Janet Bandu for rituals. These put together influenced Mr Logic deriding him.


Also he commented on an interview Asamoah Gyan granted to Delay which he said;


“he is sure Castro might been dead by now” Mr Logic basing on the relationship between Asamoah Gyan and Castro, says he should be able to tell if Castro is dead or alive. He then concluded that Castro is dead and must be buried since Asamoah Gyan could not tell if he is alive or not.


Source: SmartNewsGh

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