OBRAMU SUAHUNU ( LIFE’S MATTERS: Inspirational, Stories of Success, Overcoming, Great Obstacles in Life)

OBRAMU SUAHUNU ( LIFE’S MATTERS: Inspirational, Stories of Success, Overcoming, Great Obstacles in Life)

OBRAMU SUAHUNU ( LIFE’S MATTERS: Inspirational, Stories of Success, Overcoming, Great Obstacles in Life)

*Inspirational* *Stories of* *Success*
*Overcoming* *Great* *Obstacles in* *Life*

*Motivational* *Speaker/ Life* *Coach/* *Talkshow Host/* *Mentor*

*Be Encouraged* ! *Be Inspired*

*Lily M* is an Afro Songstress, broadcaster, presenter and a host of a live on-air TV production programme *Obramu* *Suahunu* (Life Experiences) .

*Obramu* *Suahunu* (Life Experiences) is a live audience and educational talk Show designed for television (Royal Television) by Stima Record Label.

Lily M is an experienced professional musician in Ghana, West Africa. She is an inspiring leader, an encourager a mover and a shaker! Don’t miss it!

*Obramu* *Suahunu* (Life Experiences) features in-depth interviews and reviews. This show case the developments in our various community setting as it was from the past to the present modern society as well as trustworthy news and information about achievements of citizens ranging from fresh break-outs to venerable legends.
*Obramu* *Suahunu* (Life’s Matte) also showcase live performances of artist and promote African culture through its litreture, poetry, music and dance, fashion,Art etc.

The Obramu Suahunu (Life Experiences) Series Outlook is a TV live interview entertainment program designed to educate and entertain TV viewers, young and old.

The Obramu Suahunu programme (Life Experiences) seek to bring out the best stories of our people who have attained pinnacle of success during their life time to inspire the young emerging generation to be good citizens.

Young people
Engaging and inspiring young people are vital, not only for their own development and wellbeing, but for the communities they live in, too.
Young people have a natural passion, enthusiasm and desire to make the world a better place

It will also look at the influences of different cultures in the Ghana. With it positive and negative impact it has had on our “society” up to date. This is to promote and preserve our rich cultural heritage.

*Famous* *People* *Overcoming* *Failure and* *Struggle*

The Obramu Suahunu programme (Life’s Matter Matters) Looks at famous success stories of people that can make it hard for you to imagine that they ever experienced failure. But the truth is that every success story involves failure. In fact, most successful people attribute their success to failure.

*This initiative* *by* *Stima Record* *seeks to* ;
• Enlighten and inspire the young generation to know about how people were able to attain some amount of success during their life time
• Using the broadcast media to reach our viewers with information and education.
• Raising consciousness through creative productions
• Help create awareness about the development of our society from the past to the present

• To promote inter – generational of life’s challenges.
• To build a bridge for an inter gender understanding of life’s challenges.
• To blend intra generational concerns for solutions.
• To offer a highly educative platform for expression of virtues.
• To harness the collective experiences for our socio cultural growth.

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